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Ranger RWB-1TD Heavy-Duty Teardown Work Bench w/ Fluid Catch
Ranger RWB-1TD Heavy-Duty Teardown Work Bench W/ Fluid Catch
Ranger RWB-1TD Heavy-Duty Teardown Work Bench W/ Fluid Catch
Ranger RWB-1TD Heavy-Duty Teardown Work Bench W/ Fluid Catch

Ranger RWB-1TD Heavy-Duty Teardown Work Bench w/ Fluid Catch

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    Why Buy From Tailored Garages

    Ranger RWB-1TD Heavy-Duty Teardown Work Bench w/ Fluid Catch

    Combination Work Bench with Fluid Catch!

    When you need a sturdy combination workstation, look no further than Ranger. Heavy-duty casters easily support the rated 500-lb. capacity, and with two locking and two swivel casters, there’s no fear of your workbench sliding around as you work. The casters are ultra-high-quality, so there’s no “squeaky wheel” syndrome or deviating rolling patterns. Your cart moves straight and around corners with ease, because it pushes in the direction you want it to every time.

    With a high-quality shelf, lockable drawer and a polyethylene fluid catch, this workbench offers the best of all worlds. Over 9 sq. ft. of work area and a 500-lb. working capacity make this unit perfect for preparing and working on projects of all sizes.

    Additional Information

    The unique, removable fluid container helps capture leaking fluids when working on engines and transmissions; its polyurethane design will last forever, as the whole structure is totally non-leaking and immune to virtually every liquid you can throw at it in the shop.

    The wide-bodied, built-in shelf is completely height-adjustable for maximum comfort and versatility. Think of this workbench as the support beam for your tools, your business and all your automotive hobbies.

    To ensure weatherproofing and durability over time, we don’t simply slop on red paint that would chip away in time. An electrostatically applied powder coat finish creates that glossy red look Ranger Products is known for worldwide. The coating is applied over 14-gauge steel, which is more rugged than other industry offerings. 14-gauge steel strikes a balance between girth and portability, durability and practicality. It won’t dent from heavy hammer swings, and it won’t slow you down when you need to move the tabletop to a different location. We put these workbenches in our own shops, or we wouldn’t be selling them to you.


    • Glossy, red finish
    • Lockable heavy-duty drawer
    • 500-lb. working capacity
    • Heavy-duty 4" casters - 2 swivel & 2 locking swivel
    • Electrostatic oven-baked powder coat
    • Adjustable working height
    • Removable polyethylene fluid drain for easy clean up
    • 14 gauge table top
    • 3/4" liquid containing rim


    No. of Drawers: 1
    No. of Shelves: 1
    Drawer Dimensions: 24" x 18" x 5.5" (609 mm x 457 mm x 140 mm)
    Table Top Dimensions: 48" x 32" (1,219 mm x 813 mm)
    Removable Drain Dimensions: 20" x 12" x 6" (508 mm x 305 mm x 152 mm)
    Height: 40" (1,016 mm)
    Width: 48" (1,219 mm)
    Depth: 32" (813 mm)


    The BendPak Ranger warranty is more than a commitment to you: it is also a commitment to the value of your new product.

    From the date of purchase by the original Purchaser; or 24‐12 months from the date of shipment by BendPak/Ranger or whichever comes

    Two Years (24-Months) Warranty on equipment structure*
    One Year (12-Months) Warranty on operating components
    One Year (12-Months) Labor Warranty on site or at factory
    One Year (12-Months) Free-Shipping** on ground‐freight charges related to warranty performance

    For full warranty details and to register your new BendPak Ranger product,  visit www.bendpak.com/support/warranty.

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