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Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide
Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide
Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide
Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide
Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide
Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide
Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide
Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide
Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide

Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide

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    Why Buy From Tailored Garages

    Autostacker A6S 6,000-lb. Capacity / Platform Parking Lift / Extra Wide

    *Autostacker products have a 90 day lead time for shipping

    Autostacker is compact, which lets it fit in tighter spaces with ease. The potential downside of this: There are precious few inches to open a vehicle door when a car is pulled front-first into the lower space. With 8 extra inches for door clearance, the A6W offers more space for ingress and egress.

    Additionally, the A6W offers a more spacious environment for vehicle loading on the top-level platform. Lower-level vehicles will pull into an equally roomy parking space that is protected by Autostacker's scissor superstructures. The extra-wide version of Autostacker remains an ideal home car lift for tight spaces and garages, and it lets homeowners maintain a clean, modern and sophisticated look to their garages.


    Commercial Application of a Wider Lift

    Commercial parking lots and valets need to be ready for anything: commuter sedans, trucks, SUVs, classics, exotics, etc. When space is limited and parking is tight, the only way to do that is with a string of parking lifts that can accommodate anything that comes their way. A wider lift offers commercial benefits to vehicles whether they're raised on the platform or parked in the lower level.

    The upper level provides more room for wide vehicles, and the lower level has arguably the best benefit of all: additional door clearance. The A6W makes it that much easier to get in and out of a lower-level parked vehicle. Even though Autostacker comes standard with built-in rubber door protectors, the extra space further reduces the chances of damaging a customer's vehicle door.

    Residential Application of a Wider Lift

    Homeowners traditionally have a hard time finding a home car lift that checks all their boxes. A lift must be compact, safe, efficient and protective of the vehicles. Many people who collect cars are not mechanics, so home parking lifts need to be easy to use and require minimal maintenance. And of course, lift owners need to be able to comfortable enter and exit their vehicles.

    Additional Information

    Low Maintenance

    Autostacker is built with uncompromisingly high-quality materials and rigorous engineering standards, and it could not be simpler to use. The A6W option is wider than the original Autostacker, so the full-length, galvanized and drip-proof loading platform is more accommodating for wide-body vehicles. There are no cables to replace or maintain, so the simplicity of the lift design means there's more time with zero scheduled maintenance.

    Extra-Wide Autostacker Still Saves Space

    Nothing could be more disappointing than measuring your vehicles only to find out they're just a bit too wide to fit on your Autostacker. It's equally frustrating when exiting wider vehicles and finding it's a difficult squeeze to get out. You want to save space, or you won't be able to fit a lift in your garage, but you can't do so at the expense of basic functionality.

    The A6W smartly balances the need to save space with the need to fit wider vehicles. With the standard-size Autostacker is just about the size of a parking space, our extra-wide model is just slightly larger, but it makes a world of difference. Your parking lift will still fit in most home and commercial environments, and it still offers our patented completely collapsible design that promises maximum versatility, safety and ease-of-use.

    Low-Profile, Full-Width Deck

    The Autostacker features our patent-pending, low-profile, gradual sloping lift platform. This somewhat insignificant-sounding feature plays a very significant role when it comes to driving on and off the lift platform. While most other car lifts feature a level deck with an aggressively angled entry ramp, we’ve purposefully designed the Autostacker with a full-width, gradually sloping platform that reduces the height at the approach end, making vehicle entry and exit an easy, pain-free affair. With a barely noticeable incline of just 5 degrees, Autostacker easily accommodates Corvettes, Porsches, Vipers, Mustangs, BMWs, Ferraris and other high performance cars with wide tires and/or low ground clearance.

    Cushioned Door Protection

    Autostacker’s patented Door-sentry™ car door protectors include a full-length design that accommodates a wide variety of door types, shapes and heights. Regardless of whether your car doors sit high or low, if they’re opened up quickly and carelessly, Autostacker’s impact-cushioning door guards are ready to protect them from dings, scratches and dents. By providing this extra level of security, the Autostacker gives you peace of mind, protecting your car when you can’t.


    • 6,000-lb. lifting capacity
    • Extra-wide construction for increased door clearance
    • Key-switch disconnect fully disables operation for enhanced security
    • Audible alarm and warning buzzer alerts operator and bystanders when the lift is in operation.
    • Accommodates cars, light trucks and SUVs
    • Rugged, welded-steel construction is strong and durable
    • 100% hot-dipped, galvanized steel platform
    • Attractive slate gray, baked-on powder coat finish provides added toughness
    • Front wheel dish acts as a wheel chock to prevent vehicles from rolling forward or backward
    • Extra-wide, gradual sloping platform reduces entry ramp height
    • Automatic safety locks engage at five different parking heights
    • Simple push-button controls
    • Dual, direct-drive hydraulic lifting cylinders
    • Dependable hydraulic circuit that provides precise, equalized lifting
    • Variable height parking accommodates a wide range of vehicle and ceiling heights
    • Contoured scissor legs provide rigidity, decreased deflection and a low collapsed height
    • Full-width, straight-through axles increase overall stability and tracking through the vertical travel range
    • Full-width pivot pins promote straighter tracking of the scissor legs throughout travel—vital for eccentric loads
    • Extra-wide, heavy-duty steel scissor arms with cross member bracing enhance stability
    • Unique clevis-design scissor ends lower stress and increase rigidity by distributing loads symmetrically over the pins
    • Patented asymmetric scissor arms provide greater underside door clearance
    • Patented Door-sentry™ car door protectors are made from energy-absorbing rubber to protect against accidental scratches or door dings
    • Space-saving design is perfect for commercial or residential applications
    • Minimal footprint fits a typical parking space
    • Hydraulic safety valves (velocity fuses) prevent sudden, unexpected platform collapse in the unlikely event of hydraulic system failure
    • UL Listed electrical components meet National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements


    Our promise to deliver a safe parking lift is the most important commitment we make in order to earn your trust and ensure your absolute satisfaction. As part of our commitment to operator care, we incorporate the highest level of security features into every lift we build. Our standard power console features include the following: key-switch disconnect provides an additional measure of security against operator tampering; emergency stop button disables lift at any time; warning light and audible alarm indicate when the lift is in operation; automatic safety latches and locking systems that engage continuously as the lift rises; lowering systems that require two-hand operation; ergonomic placement of operator controls; and of course, all control systems are within safe reach for easy shut-off when the lift is in use. The waist-height control panel also includes full-faced, simple-to-read instructions with pictographs that outline easy set-up and operation, including descriptive safety and operator warnings. From its secure key-lock safety switch and easy to understand operator controls and its smart control layout, operators will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to safely operate.


    Our commitment to quality is uncompromised. Our dedication to taking your parking challenges to the next level extends well beyond the physical reach of our products. Our advanced yet simple design enables our lifts to perform effortlessly and tirelessly, year after year, with very little maintenance or service required. After all, we can’t expect you to be a parking lift expert—that’s our job. Featuring rugged, welded steel construction, very few moving parts and an uncomplicated fluid power system, the hydro-mechanical Autostacker offers the most economical and dependable method of lifting to deliver you many years of trouble-free service.


      Lifting Capacity

      • 6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg)


      • Overall width: 111” (2,815 mm)
      • Overall length: 143” (3,630 mm)
      • Platform length: 124” (3,150 mm)
      • Platform width: 91.75” (2,331mm)
      • Platform height (forward): 13” (330 mm)
      • Ramp height (entry): 2” (51 mm)
      • Maximum under clearance: 80” (2,032 mm)


      Standard - Power Unit Console

      • Single unit operation
      • Motor horsepower: 2HP
      • Power consumption: 1,500 Watts
      • Motor voltage: 208-240V, 50/60Hz / 1Ph
      • Starting amps: 25A
      • Normal running amps: 12-18A


      • 52 db

      Special voltages available upon request.

      Five Locking Heights

      • First (Lowest Locking Position): 52.5" (1,331 mm)
      • Second: 60.75" (1,543 mm)
      • Third: 68.5" (1,736 mm)
      • Fourth: 75" (1,909 mm)
      • Fifth (Highest Locking Position): 81.25" (2,064 mm)

      What's Included

      • Right side scissors superstructure
      • Left side scissors superstructure
      • Front wheel trough
      • Ramp assembly with logo plate
      • Lower front tie-bar
      • Galvanized decking sections
      • Front tire stops
      • Power unit control console
      • Complete assembly parts package including all fasteners, hoses, fittings & anchor bolts
      • Installation and operators manual


      Autostacker offers the most competitive and comprehensive warranty in the business. Our word is our bond, so we’re giving you the fine print to back up everything we claim. We’re proud to offer this level of transparency.

      Our full-time staff of engineers work day in and day out detecting and correcting every single mechanical issue in our products before any of our parts hit the market.In addition to the peace of mind you get with Autostacker, you know we work harder than our competition to climb every mountain, ford every stream and maintain the highest standards in quality, dependability and reliability in the garage parking lift manufacturing business.

      Warranty Duration: From the date of purchase by the original Purchaser or 24-12 months from the date of shipment by Autostacker, or whichever comes first.

      Two Years (24-Months) Warranty on the lift structure

      One Year (12-Months) Warranty on the hydraulic cylinder(s) and power unit

      One Year (12-Months) Warranty on operating components

      One Year (12-Months) Labor Warranty on site or at factory

      One Year (12-Months) Free-Shipping* on ground-freight charges related to warranty performance


      Shipping & Returns

      LTL Service - LTL (less than truckload) service is the most common method of shipping for all Autostacker heavy items that are over typical parcel size. Our LTL contract carriers are YRC, Con-way and Estes. These leading freight providers handle and track hundreds of Autostacker shipping transactions daily. They generally utilize enclosed vans or trailers with rear roll-up doors that provide access to the inside of the trailer. These carriers have strategically placed terminals located across the United States where they are able to consolidate all of their freight to be picked up and delivered. As a shipment moves from pick up point to destination it will be placed with other freight that is bound for the same area to be delivered. It is important to realize that LTL shipping involves additional handling as other shippers’ freight is often loaded on and off the truck en route to a destination.

      Flatbed Service - Flatbed service is commonly the only chosen method when shipping heavy items that are oversize and not conducive to standard LTL handling (freight cannot easily be transferred in and out of cargo vans or trailers). A list of products that must be shipped via flatbed service only can be found here. For the handling and transportation of oversize or delicate cargo, flatbed service is usually a more reliable means. Freight is loaded onto owner-operator flatbed trucks at our facility in Santa Paula, California and most likely never handled until delivery. Using flatbed service involves the least handling, which translates to minimal risk of loss or damage while in transit. Transporting equipment via flatbed may increase the delivery time, but many of our customers feel the added assurance of minimized damage is worth the wait.


      We know you’re going to love your parking lift from Autostacker, but in case things don’t work out, you have a 30-day guaranteed window to make a return for a full refund. We do this because we believe not only in our product, but in the service we provide before, before, during and after delivery. If you have questions, needs, parts replacements, etc., Autostacker will not hesitate to accommodate as best we can. We don’t think you’ll want to return your garage lift, but if you do, every Autostacker purchase comes with a contract to get you the refund or credit you deserve. It’s just another way we want to thank you for trusting us to keep your garage spacious and safe.