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Buyer’s Guide: Garage Flooring and Mats


Garage Flooring Buyer’s Guide: Roll Out, Race Day Tiles, Motorcycle Mats, Imaged Parking Pads

If you are in the market for garage flooring, it is important to make the right choice. Many considerations need to be factored in, with your ultimate choice of garage flooring affecting aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Learn what type of garage flooring is best for your needs. Below we break down each option and assist you in exploring the different types and brands we have on offer including Race Day Tiles, Motorcycle Mats, Imaged Parking Pads, and more.

Recommendations To Take Into Account Before Buying:

  • Garage use: Make sure the flooring is appropriate for your application and space.
  • Installation: DIY project or professional installation? Check out the product specs and ensure the type of flooring you buy is able to be installed in the way you want it to be – professional or DIY.
  • Budget: Flooring is priced at square foot. Budget ahead of time.
  • Aesthetics: Ensure you like the way the floor looks. Browse different aesthetics and ensure the pattern, texture, and style will look good in your space.


Advantages Of G-Floor Garage Flooring Options

  • Premium, durable, solid polyvinyl construction which means no cracking, peeling, splitting, or deterioration.
  • Protects substrate for years under heavy use and hides flooring imperfections
  • Holds up in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, suitable for all garage types
  • Waterproof, mold- and mildew-resistant
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean with simple soap and water
  • Resists automobile oils, acids, and fluids, road salt, other harmful chemicals, dirt, and grime
  • Slip-resistant
  • Cushions, insulates, and reduces noise


What Type: Roll/Roll-Out Garage Flooring

What Brand: G-Floor

Produced without layers, fillers, or laminate, flooring roll boasts solid construction and no wear layer. Available in an array of appealing colors, textures and patterns with multiple size options, this type of flooring has many uses and is applied with one roll. A leader in performance, durability and industrial strength, roll flooring for garages is the perfect garage flooring.

    Shop Roll/Roll Out: Here


    What Type: Race Day Tiles Garage Flooring

    What Brand: G-Floor

    Race Day Tiles, a type of vinyl floor covering, uses high-quality, commercial-grade materials and is made of either one solid vinyl piece, or peel and stick options, as well as interlocking tiles. Every option provides a durable, long-lasting tile look. Sold in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to suit personal tastes, Race Day Tiles create a seamless look and finish that won't move or slide. These tiles are resistant to oil, antifreeze, battery acid, salt, and are quick and easy to clean. An easy-to-install garage flooring solution to complicated designs with mixing and matching creating different looks.

    Shop Race Day Tiles: Here


    What Type: Motorcycle Mats Garage Flooring

    What Brand: G-Floor

    Motor Mats are movable flooring options that go anywhere and protect residential and commercial floors—designed to provide years of performance, these motorcycle mats roll-out with no need for adhesive. They are used to hide unsightly floor cracks, stains, imperfections and give motorcycles a custom parking space Designed with ribs for improved traction; these mats are easily cleaned and stored.

    Shop Motorcycle Mats: Here


    What Type: Imaged Parking Pads Garage Flooring

    What Brand: G-Floor


    Imaged Parking Pads are used to showcase prized vehicles, motorcycles, and anything with wheels. These vinyl floor pads are a movable way to protect garage flooring and give garages a facelift. Imaged parking pads are a vinyl roll-out garage mat and come in a ceramic texture with a high gloss topcoat. 

    Shop Imaged Parking Pads: Here